Hydration Stations Quench Thirst


Huma Manjra

A student is strolling around during lunch time and is about to take a drink from his water bottle but realizes it is empty. He reluctantly takes out money from his wallet to buy a new water bottle and is about to throw the empty one in the trash when he notices the newly installed hydration station. Filled with relief and excitement, the boy strides to the hydration station and fills up his empty bottle. He has now saved money and reused his water bottle instead of disposing it. This is exactly what Culver City is encouraging by installing the new hydration stations around the campus. They were first introduced to students when the first one was installed several months ago. The hydration stations seem to be making their way all around  school as two more were installed recently and still three more to go. The three hydration stations that are currently installed are placed in certain locations that will provide the most beneficial use. One is placed right near the gym and PE lockers where students can have access to the hydration station after their physical activities class. The other two are located in the cafeteria and near the Technology center where many students eat and can fill up their water bottles anytime during breaks. The hydration stations have a normal water fountain below and an automatic water dispenser that fills up a water bottle when it is place in the appropriate spot. They not only reduce the waste of water bottles being thrown away, but encourage the reuse of water bottles by dispensing water into the same bottle every time it runs out.  The hydration station appeal to many students and staff member providing a sanitary source of water. Spanish teacher Senor Hernandez finds the hydration stations “convenient and refreshing” and is thrilled that more are going to be installed.
The hydration stations seem to be extremely useful but there is also a lot of work that takes place for the installation. Interim Asst. Principal Dubois McMillan appreciates the benefits of the hydration stations but also explains the work that takes place for the installation and says, “There is a great deal of preparatory work like plumbing, electrical, and woodwork that has to be in place prior to the installation of the actual unit”. The funding for the hydration stations came from the district’s Capital Facilities Funds. They are becoming a more favorable choice as many more students on campus use them on a daily basis. The hydration station is very beneficial for freshman David Cadena as he says, “I get to fill up my water bottle whenever I want and I save money on water bottles”. They not only come in handy during school hours but also after school to many athletes that have to refill their bottles before their practices. Freshman basketball player Hayley Yamamoto uses the hydration stations before her basketball practices and explains, “Instead of buying multiple water bottles, I can easily refill up my water bottle before and during practice.” Culver City is leading the way to a more environmental friendly campus by installing the hydration stations.