Dear Santa


Addissyn House

Dear Santa,
After so many years of convinced belief I worry about the Christmas spirit. Why is that all of a sudden, when they could really use it most, teenagers stop believing in things and people like you and happiness? Caused by an abundant workload and the feeling of being misunderstood, they stop hoping about the world ahead of them and simply give up or give in. We allow the world to consume them before they can figure a way out; a good way out that will benefit them. Something like snow, to give us a good Christmas spirit boost.
As Christmas time approaches us, I become increasingly worried about my fellow teenagers and myself. Why don’t we believe in Christmas the way we used to believe in miracles? Now it is just a time to get off of school, we don’t even have snow to play in. It is a time to go to the movies and spend as much money as possible and get lots of gifts, it is less about giving. Why do we have to have something else to entertain us? Why must the television or the computer always be on? Maybe if it snowed we would have something to live for; maybe we could have a little hope left. And if not, we should focus back on the giving and the happiness, realize that the love for the people around us
Of course there are always people who believe that what we have is good enough and giving gifts is great and of course Santa Claus is real. The truth is, though, that belief diminishes as we get older. I’m not sure where it goes because believing is a kind of energy and, therefore, never gets destroyed. That’s what we need this holiday season, hope and belief.
So, Santa, how are we going to get anywhere when we are lacking the basic elements are surviving? You have to help us. Show us in some way that you are real. I’m not sure how or if it will work but we need something to live for. Even each other isn’t enough. Something white and fluffy, a little cold. Maybe it will give us a little hope after everything.
Our holidays become bitter and forced by our family to revisit a society we would like to insert ourselves into as little as possible. And why? Simply because we care not of where we are and what we are doing. What if something surprised us? And I don’t mean those dreaded pop quizzes or a seemingly unlimited amount of homework. Not that my boyfriend is cheating on me or my best friend ditched me. I mean like a real surprise. Something that is not tangible but worth more than that. Something to make us think and realize where we are, what we have, and where we have to go. Something like snow that has the ability to give us hope.
Santa, this winter I think we could use a little Christmas spirit to make everyone believe in you again and that is what I want for Christmas: hope for the teenagers who really need it the most. Maybe, Santa, would you bring some snow to Culver City.
Merry Christmas, Santa Claus, I hope our holidays are merry too.