Rita's New Location


Andrew Olmeda

Rita’s is a popular Italian Ice restaurant that many people enjoy and feel at home at. There are more than 600 locations and counting. The restaurant was created by Bob Tumolo and the restaurant was named after his wife named Rita in 1984. It began to franchise 1989.
The products they sell are Italian Ice , Frozen custard, Sundaes, Misto, Blendi, Milk shakes and more. They have more than 65 flavors of Cream Ice. They have partnered with Oreo, Swedish Fish, and many more. The great thing about this franchise is that it provides dairy-free customers with an option they could never choose; ice cream! Rita’s has made a brand of itself to sell a custard with no dairy in it. It’s most popular item is the gelati which is really gilato.

  The regular size is $3.99 and they put the frozen custard on the top and bottom of the cup. for 4 ounces it is 5.00 dollars.

There will be a new location in The Culver Cross Crossroads on the corner of Sepulveda and Washington. Dec. 4 they light up there Rita’s sign and in Dec.14 they installed their new windows. They are slowly progressing but definitely are going to peruse their goals.