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If you’re reading this before March 1, 2016 then you’re in luck, because you can’t sign up for this amazing program after Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 11:59 p.m. Don’t miss your chance to sign up for Girls Who Code!

Founded by Rashma Saujani, Girls Who Code is a program for current 10th and 11th grade girls who are interested in the art of computer science. A national non-profit organization, it aims to close the gender gap in the technological field.

In an interview with Google executive Deena Shakir, Saujani lamented that, out of the 1.44 million job opportunities to be available by 2020, less than 15% are going to be available to women. In an effort to preemptively combat the inequality, Suajani became the founder of an organization that explicitly aims to learn women in the predominately male field of computer coding.

According to College Career Center Faculty member Adrienne Madrid, “We are very, very short on women in the computer science industry.” Girls are underrepresented in STEM and other technological fields. Madrid noted, “We need more girls in the field….” Saujani couldn’t agree more.

The program originally took root in New York, wherein a group of 20 some girls were gathered and learned in the ways of coding and computer science. It was a tremendous success. Despite all obstacles, Saujani continues to work toward 16 programs this year. She is now working to make Girls Who Code clubs in schools.

Saujani hopes to create job opportunities for all women by giving them first hand exposure to the field of the future. In her program, girls explore coding methods, cyber securities, web design, and other skills that will help them become the “qualified” individuals society needs, according to Madrid.

In the words of Adrienne Madrid, “It’s absolutely not common for girls to code. [That’s] a problem.”

This 7-week summer program is for girls ONLY. Prepare to learn about coding, mobile app developments, website developments, and other aspects of computer science. Equipped with guest speakers, field trips, and hands-on workshops, this mentor-led girl-power workshop is an absolute MUST! Not only will participants learn fun and interesting skills, but they will get the chance to build their own product and present it to a group of supportive and forward thinking classmates.

It is offered in many places, including: California (Emeryville, Los Angeles, Mountain Views, Redwood City, San Francisco, San Jose, San Ramon, Santa Clara), Atlanta, Georgia, Miami, Florida, New York, New York, Newark, New Jersey, Seattle, Washington, and Washington DC. There is no excuse not to attend if you are interested!

Any girl who is interested in the program is welcome to attend! No experience required! So open minded, forward thinking girls-join us for an entirely FREE, unforgettable experience! And you never know. You may just love it.

Don’t wait, apply now at WWW.GIRLSWHOCODE.COM/APPLYNOW