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LGBT + Community Celebrates

On Wednesday, October 11, our school celebrated National Coming Out Day. National Coming Out Day is a day for anyone from the LGBT+ community to come out to those around them, whether it’s friends or family, about their sexuality, gender, or anything else about their identity. Despite this, it is not necessary to come out on the day. National Coming Out Day is a day of celebration and pride for the LGBT+ community. It is meant to serve as a safe and joyous time for members to embrace who they are in spite of discrimination.

The first National Coming Out Day was set 29 years ago at the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay rights. It showed that when those who are part of the community come out others are able to be more tolerant and accepting of equality. Coming out can also inspire others to accept themselves for who they are regardless of what it is. Many people can learn about themselves and others when they come out.

National Coming Out day can help educate many people to learn about the differences in sexuality and genders. This can help some people feel more comfortable and even identify with something they didn’t even know existed. It’s an experience that can help friends unite and show camaraderie. Coming Out is an important event that happens in someone’s life, as it not only benefits them but those around them. When someone comes out it opens many new doors that they would have been locked out by standards and stereotypes set by society.

Coming Out Day can be celebrated even if you are not LGBT+ or if you are not comfortable being identified as part of the community. Allies are those who are “in the closet” or don’t want to come out yet, as well as those who are just in support of the community.
When you are a member of the LGBT+ community and identify as something other than straight and/or the gender you were assigned at birth, it is as if you come out to someone new each day. Despite this, Culver City High School has many resources and support systems for anyone a part of LGBT+ community including the health center, guidance counselors, and even our school’s Tolerance Club.

Although National Coming Out Day may seem like the best time to come out, any day can be someone’s coming out day, and that can and will be just as special.