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(Disclaimer: you should probably listen to this album, and preferably its prelude, SATURATION, before reading this)

SATURATION II is the sophomore album by South Central-based rap collective BROCKHAMPTON. They have an extremely diverse lineup: various rappers, singers, and producers blending together seamlessly to create a musical amalgamation that calls themselves “an All-American boyband” (they have 15 members in total, in case you were wondering). This variety of talents shows in their music: from the infectious g-funk (or gangster funk, typical West Coast rap) of the opening track GUMMY to the soft melody on the closing track, SUMMER, BROCKHAMPTON’s varying influences are evident.

This group would have you believe that they are perfectly combining rap and pop to create something beautiful, with each song being represented in bold, all-caps titles. But, while they are definitely talented, they aren’t utilizing all their members to the fullest. Separately, the members are, at the very least, decent in their abilities, with some consistently bringing exceptional performances to the table: Kevin Abstract’s hooks, Ameer Vann’s wry verses delivered with obvious skill, JOBA’s falsettos, and bearface’s abilities as a singe. However, their real talent lies with their overall integration into a track. SWEET is a great example of this; all of the members come prepared with amazing performances and not one of them is under or overused.

While BROCKHAMPTON is ahead of the game, they aren’t genre-defining. However, there is a lot of potential in this “boyband” and I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on this collective.