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Culver For a Cause

After a summer trip to an impoverished town in Peru, Anna Payton, a Junior at CCHS, has led ASB in the organization of a school-wide charity run event, Culver For a Cause, to benefit the lives of individuals in Peru as well as here in Culver City.

During her trip, it was obvious how different the lives of these children were to the lives that many lead here in our community. Simple things that we tend to overlook, such as education and rights for women, are taken for granted. The overall goal of the charity run is to raise money and reach out to the people that truly need it the most. As the day approaches, ASB members are working together to prepare for the big event.

Located on the CCHS campus, the charity run will take place on Saturday, April 14th.
The event is a 5k run around the CCHS campus, Culver City Middle School campus, and Farragut Elementary School campus. Participants will receive free shirts as well as enjoy the local business sponsorships and food that will be present. As for the top finishers of the event, medals will be presented. Whether participants race or solely just walk, Payton ensures that the event will be fun for all.

Not only will the event be an enjoyable event for participants, but the small fee paid will go such a long way. Payton tells, “the profits will go to CCUSD families in need as well as help to aid education in Peru.” For the small registration fee of $15, the CCUSD Culver Closet will help the lives of so many.

For more information on the event, go to www.culverforacause.com.