Neglected and Unsanitary


Taken by Justin Pineda

Tyler Barnes

Unflushed toilets, graffitied stalls, broken and empty soap dispensers, and doors that don’t lock are just a few things wrong with our school bathrooms. As long as I have attended CCHS, the bathrooms have always been horrible. Rumors of getting new and improved bathrooms have always circulated around school, but the rumors always proved to be false. Over the last year, CCHS has renovated many things such as sports fields, landscaping, new lockers, an elevator and hydration stations have been added amongst other things. Some of these improvements have come about because of mandates or through funds from special interest groups but still the bathrooms remain overlooked and neglected. The school has a new football field, the landscapes have improved and other sports fields are being added or improved.
As days go by the bathrooms become worse. More writing appears on the stalls, more door locks break, and the bathrooms become more unsanitary and unfit for students to use. This isn’t to say that we, students, can blame the condition of the bathrooms all on school officials. We has students should work to make our bathrooms as clean as we can. However, many students feel that because school officials don’t care, or rather aren’t in a hurry, to improve bathrooms then students shouldn’t put in the effort to make them more sanitary. More money should be put into our educational and health environments and less money on athletics.