CCHS Makes Snapchat

Culver High School made it on Snapchat’s map with their very own Geotag.


Andrea Arias, Staff Writer

Snapchat, the popular app for smart phones, features small, artistic logos of different cities and locations. Many students at Culver City High School attempted to create a logo, also known as a Geo tag, for CCHS. Finally, one student made it.
Senior, John Kayem, created an original piece of digital artwork and submitted it to Snapchat headquarters. It was accepted, and is now available to every student at CCHS and anyone who visits CCHS to feature on their snapchats. Kayem feels honored, “to know that it will be there forever is very fascinating. I feel grateful that they picked my geotag. I hope everyone likes it.”
Next time you take a snap chat on campus, remember to feature your school spirit.