The "Yes" Man


Addissyn House, Staff Writer

One of the new additions to the Math team this year is Canadian Leron Azeroual who can be found in The Bungalows, room 121.
Azeroual only taught in Canada for one year before moving to Los Angeles 11 years ago. Since then he has taught at South Gate, which was 15 miles from home. Now Azeroual can bike to CCHS seeing as it is only four miles.
He had a very unusual start to teaching. He went into college not knowing what he was going to do with the rest of his life. He simply “looked at my grades and chose the best one.” Math just happened to be that subject after years of tutoring and being a top student. When asked whether he enjoys math he says, “You could say that. I would say love.”
Azeroual attended York University for his bachelor’s degree, University of Toronto for his education degree, and Cal State University Dominguez Hills for his masters in administration. The college mentality is different in Canada because the reason he went to the schools he did was to stay close to home, whereas here you go far away to experience something outside of home.
Even so, Azeroual considers himself an adventurer. “I’m a yes man,” he comments, firmly believing in the saying, “you snooze, you lose.” He has been skydiving, scuba diving, and travelling all over to the world to such places as Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, and so many more.
Azeroual’s favorite adventure was Thailand because it was so “exotic. I got to feed monkeys, ride on elephants, visit beaches and native tribes, even mountains.” For him, it was the most exciting because it was the farthest from and that was really appealing.
Living by the phrase, “why say no when you can go,” Azeroual would only go skydiving again if someone else paid for it. “I puked,” he says while laughing. He takes his kids, a four year old daughter and five year old son, along with him and can’t wait for the couple of days every year he gets to go skiing.
He says, “I’ve never taught honors before,” but is happy with the experience and cannot wait to see how the year progresses.