Latin Festival Draws Diverse Crowd

Ana Ruiz, Reporter

Hundreds of people came to the OC Fair & Event Center to celebrate Latin American culture at the L Festival. This was a two-day event full of fun for all ages. The event took place October 24 and 25. The festival was full of people ready to have a wonderful time and seeing perhaps their favorite artist. Artists included Enrique Iglesias, Juan Gabriel, Gloria Trevi, Far East Movement, 3BALLMTY, Julion Alvarez and many more. The crowd started arriving at 12:00 p.m. and many stayed until 10:00 p.m. Everyone was just ready to sing and dance to the music they loved.

Before going to the event, I was very excited to see Enrique Iglesias who has been one of my favorite artists. I also wanted to see other artist that I had grown up hearing in my house because of my Latin roots. There were four stages set up for the 29 artists playing that day. Many people focused solely on the Universal Stage because the most well known artists would be performing on there.  Other artists like Far East Movement and Arty performed at the L Dance Hangar stage. I saw David Bisbal who had an amazing performance before Enrique Iglesias. Enrique Iglesias came out later than expected but it was still an amazing performance. He sang a brand new song called “El Perdon” and other great hits like ” Bailando”, “Cuando Me Enamoro”. I felt Enrique’s performance was amazing and the most anticipated by everyone. He interacted with the fans and allowed someone to go on stage with him. Julión Álavarez followed right after and came out quickly to finish off the day with banda norteño. Julion sang very popular songs that he his known for like “Y Asi Fue”.

The fair was full of delicious food, colorful art, and different genres of music. Aside from the traditional Latin dishes, French food and American food were also included. As you walked into the festival you could see the carnival rides and straight ahead was all the food trucks. On the right you could see all the booths selling t-shirt with the names and faces of the performers. As you walked more into the festival you saw all the artwork made by David Botello, Melly Trochez, Wenceslau Quiroz and many more. If you continued straight ahead from the entrance you would end up in the Universal stage where all major artists were getting ready to perform. You could hear the happiness of the people just waiting for their favorite artist to perform. Children were running, begging their parents to allow them to get on the carnival rides. The day was just perfect for people to enjoy a cold and refreshing ice cream. Many adults enjoyed themselves as well since they sold alcohol. As you walked around you not just only saw Hispanic faces but other people were there enjoying themselves. The diversity of people enjoying Latin culture was really amazing to see.

The Festival is an annual event so you can attend next years festivities. The tickets start at $80 for general admission and $160 for VIP. The tickets do sell out so you should buy yours early.