Ballona Creek Renaissance Club Is NOT Full of Hippies


Caitlyn Roseborough, Staff Writer

Engrossed in the growing movement to clean up and protect the Ballona Creek that once spread to the Santa Monica Bay are about thirty kids who meet in the bungalows every Monday during lunch. Led by senior Erick Perez, they cheerfully await his announcements regarding periodic cleanups that the BCR committee plans which allow students to actively protect and improve the natural area that has been declining as the city expands and as climate and weather patterns change.
Recently, they, along with a couple hundred volunteers, helped clean up on Overland Ave and on October 26th they were honored for their work on Coastal Cleanup Day by the mayor. At the La Ballona Festival, they helped manage an information booth about the organization, and on November 21st they will be participating in the next creek cleanup at the bikepath entrance on Centinela. Every month, the committee plans a cleanup and the club itself hosts an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner to fundraise for the cause. The Ballona Creek Renaissance website ( describes some areas of the creek as algae-infested and graffiti covered with a number of shopping carts mixed in, yet these do not deter the young community members who care about their local environment.
Perez said of the club members, “It’s a powerful feeling to have a large group of students who care about our local creek and are committed to preserving one of Culver City’s last stretch of natural biota. They learn the logistics of how to set up an event in the city, the importance of organization in order to get things done, and the merits of teamwork. ” Such expressive words from the Club President indicate the degree of commitment they have for the community and preserving nature to its inherent beauty.