You Will Always Dread Finals


Addissyn House, Staff Writer

It’s January once again and students at Culver City High School know what that means: finals. During Winter Break it seemed so far away, now it’s go time.
Senior Melissa Rosales advices, “Don’t leave it to the last minute to study.” The last week is not the night before so students still have time to construct group study sessions and make an emporium of flashcards to put in a museum one day.
However, not everyone at Culver has as much experience as Rosales does in this particular aspect of high school. Freshmen like Anthony Insinilla fear “failing” because they’ve never experienced finals before. Besides what teachers have given them and upperclassmen have passed down, the ninth grade class is unsure this week will go well at all, but so is everyone else.
Junior John S. knows exactly how they feel. “I didn’t place so much importance” on finals in his freshman year, but now he knows they are “important, especially as a junior.” Now John starts his studying to get a head, even for just ten minutes a day leading up to the week of finals. The hardest part is beginning but John says, “Just do it.”
According to sophomore Anuradha Das, diligence is key to preparing for finals because it will help you “know everything inside and out.” Both Das and Rosales agree that finals don’t change year to year and you don’t stop dreading them, you just learn to prepare better.
Rosales’ best advice to everyone taking finals this week is to “organize your notebook, annotate it with sticky notes, and create study guides” for yourself. Finals count as a large percentage of your grade and they aren’t going to go away so whether you study every day or you cram the night before, the outcome is up to you.
At The Centaurian we are wishing everyone good luck this week!