Manic Monday Halloween


Erin Krantz

Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by children and adults alike–a day of dressing up and eating candy that many people enjoy. This year, it happens to fall on a Monday. This doesn’t really affect middle schoolers (elementary schoolers even less so), since they usually have their homework done before the evening regardless of nighttime festivities.
However, high schoolers may not be able to enjoy this All Hallows Eve due to extracurriculars and homework. Many students at CCHS are either in a sport, AVPA, robotics, another extracurricular, or some frightful combination of the lot. Then, students have a few hours of homework, averaging at about 3.5 hours per night per student (total). It’s a lot to ask of students on any day, but even moreso on a day when minds have checked out into fantasy land.
Trick or treating is, for the most part, reserved for the little kids, but many high schoolers join in on the fun or go to parties in costume. Last year, neither being done with homework early enough nor getting home too late were problems because Halloween was on a Saturday, and the year before that,  on a Friday. But this year is a whole new story. While some teachers may lessen the workload ever so slightly, AP courses will undoubtedly have the same amount due to the intensity of the courses and the amount of curriculum that needs to be covered in the shortened semester, meaning that high schoolers are going to have their work cut out for them.
Even with this added challenge, high schoolers are still planning to go and spend time with their friends on October 31st. Despite having a work to do, they still want to enjoy the one night a year when they can dress up in costume and not be seen as out of place. I personally will still dance with the ghouls and goblins the last day of October, because in my opinion, you’re never too old for Halloween.