Saving Nature is Saving the Future


Sascha Goldsmith

Here at Culver City Highschool, we have many clubs that help spread awareness and physically help nature. Among those is the NCC, the Nature Conservation Club.
The main goals of the NCC revolve around the conservation of nature, both on and off campus. Members get together for cleanups partnering with the La Ballona Creek Renaissance club and garden at local elementary schools and neighborhoods. As well as this, making compost bins and proper disposal of waste accessible is also very important to the club.
According to president Jaden Kimura, because Climate Change is a very real catastrophe, the NCC dedicates time to spreading awareness around the school and community. “Fighting Climate Change comes down to a micro level, if someone, just one person is using Styrofoam, excessively wasting resources such as water… we live in a world where resources have become relatively scarce, and you have to consider that you and I, we can make the world go ’round or stop it in its tracks, we have a world in the palm of our hands and we’re ruining it.”
The NCC has been discussing and reflecting on many ideas and events. Recently, the NCC had hosted the first annual ‘StyroPoem’ contest, spreading art, ideas, and awareness on peoples’ positions on climate change, nature, and, more specifically, Styrofoam and its correlation to the human race and Earth. Furthermore, the NCC has been organizing cleanups outside of the high school and in other CCUSD schools.
In the past, the NCC has created petitions, some even spread greater than the immediate Culver City community. The NCC has petitioned Shell, a gas giant, from drilling and destroying the Arctic. The petition lasted for about a year, until the issue gained awareness from other groups combined with the NCC, and the project was shut down. Other petitions include petitioning the abusive chicken industry, Grand Canyon Drilling, and “ferociously informing senators on environmental stances,” says Kimura.
On top of petitions, NCC has been trying to put together projects such as funding for solar panels on the rooves of all CCUSD buildings, as well as planning pitches for funding to the CCUSD head offices. Coming up soon will be another Farragut gardening project too!
If you want to get involved,  you can always come join the NCC club in room 59 on Thursdays at lunch where new members are always welcome. Otherwise, remember to stay environmentally conscious, recycle, compost, and try to minimize all that you throw away for a destination in a landfill. Kimura bikes to school every day and makes sure to give back to the community, and encourages you to do it too!
Remember, as Kimura says, “Saving nature is saving our future!”