Changing the Game


Hamzah Abbas

After going viral on YouTube with his song “Dat $tick”, Rich Chigga entered the hip hop scene with his sights set to change the game.
The 18 year old Indonesian, Brian Immanuel, gained popularity when media company 88Rising uploaded a video of popular Western artists reacting to his hit song “Dat $tick”. Ever since, his fan base has grown and he has worked with many notable American rappers like XXXTentacion and 21 Savage. Even in the Asian Rap scene he has recorded a hit with the well known Korean rapper Keith Ape.
This year Rich Chigga sets off to begin his first ever series of concerts with “Come to My Party Tour” in the US followed by his “88Rising Asia Tour”. This young star’s rise to fame has been a quick climb and his international fame doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.
Rich Chigga will be at the Fonda Theater in LA Monday night, Nov. 20, 2017.