Robert Frost Gala


Chelsea Maynard

About a week ago, Culver City High School hosted the grand opening of their brand new auditorium.  The Robert Frost Gala was filled with auctions, food and beverages, and amazing guests and performances. This new auditorium is going to be a wonderful addition to Culver City High School and the Culver City community.  It will be a fantastic place for performing arts students to thrive. It will also be a great gathering space for assemblies and other presentations.
I spoke to Kyle Irish-Hall, a freshman at Culver City High School, and one of the performers at the Gala. When asked about his experiences creating and being a part of this Gala, Irish-Hall said that his experience was “exhausting but overall fun and there are amazing people.” He also stated that he was “excited for all the new performances from the middle and high school.”
Later that night I ran into Carol Zee, the choreographer for the night, and asked what she was excited about with the new auditorium. Zee responded by saying she was excited for “a space for all of AVPA to have performances and a brilliant, well-equipped space.”  She also liked meeting the AVPA dance and theater students, as well as the elementary students who participated in the Gala.
The whole night was a blast and everyone had a laugh.  Many people approached the AVPA students to tell them how much they enjoyed the show and how happy they were that we performed for the Gala. When the night was over, people enjoyed coffee, tea, and desserts. They also participated in an auction to purchase paintings made by marvelous AVPA Art students.  Overall, the night was a fun way to open up Culver City’s brand new auditorium, and I am excited to see all the new things that will be performed at the Robert Frost!