Freshman President and Vice President Announced


Caitlin Polesetsky

On Monday, October 7th, CCHS announced on the loud speaker that Jones Hoddur was voted freshman president, and Karuna Namala was voted freshman vice president! Congratulations to both of them — we look forward to a great year with you two in office.

When asked what Jones had in mind for the next year, Jones talked about his theme being kindness. He mentioned some ideas in the works, including little “kindness grams” that you could send to your friends. He really wants to make sure this year is a fun one.
Karuna discussed several ideas for fundraisers and fun events throughout the year. She also addressed the rough transition she knows some freshmen are facing going into high school. She wants to make the transition easier by putting up posters and sticky notes around the school promoting positivity. Karuna really wants to help make 2019-2020 a fun year and get more people involved in school activities.
Other candidates who ran include Camryn Walker, Kollin Zullo and Isabella Healyl, all for president. Venice Poggi also ran for Vice President