Club Fair Comes to Culver


Photo by: Merna Nasif

Students explore possible clubs at this year’s Club Fair.

Kate Perry

ASB and various club leaders squeezed 66 booths onto the lower lawn a few Fridays ago for this year’s Club Fair, which took place on Sept. 26.  Hundreds of students wended their way through the maze of tables and posters, playing chess at the chess club booth, admiring Robotics’ FIRST Lego League robot, or stopping to gaze at the life-size cardboard cutout of Harry, Ron, and Hermione behind the FanAddicts table.
ASB Commissioners of Activities Aaliyah Wilson and Kirthi Rao were in charge of organizing Club Fair this year, and some of the new clubs featured included Magic: The Gathering, Gloves Club, and League of Legends.
Senior Evan Dumas, who is president of Green Thumbs, vice-president of the Ballona Creek Renaissance Club, and co-founder of Frisbee Club, noted that Club Fair is an extremely effective way to raise awareness and interest about clubs on campus.  “It’s great to see students engaging with club leaders and signing up,” he said.  Dumas’ three clubs gained a grand total of 64 new members after Club Fair this year.
Club Fair is also a perfect way to encourage ownership, which is this year’s school theme.  “Students have the opportunity to own something they’re passionate about,” said English teacher Darrin Dennis, who hosts a different club in his classroom every day of the week.   Dennis maintained that being part of a club gives students a sense of belonging, as well as providing them with leadership opportunities.
Many students who visited Club Fair this year were favorably impressed.  “It’s exciting to see the different opportunities you can have to make a difference in the school,” said Alex Rodriguez, a senior.
Some also offer criticism, however.  Junior Melody Rodriguez  said she found Club Fair to be too crowded and wishes it were spread throughout the school instead of sandwiched onto the lawn.
Next year, students and staff alike will hope for yet more clubs to appear on campus.  Some suggestions?  “I could really use a napping club,” Alex Rodriguez said.