Up for the challenge

New math teacher Katherine Fu loves solving problems


Photo by: Harrison Schneider

Katherine Fu works through a problem with her fifth period students.

Jules Moniz

Katherine Fu is one of six new math teachers at CCHS. She graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in math. She enjoys math because she likes struggling with a problem, solving it, then experiencing the joy of the victory that comes at the end.
CCHS faculty welcomed Fu into their flock. “The faculty was really friendly and supportive,” Fu said. “They helped me even when I didn’t ask for it.”
She tries to share the same generosity with her students. The best part of Fu’s day is seeing her students achieve positive results by listening and learning. Her biggest disappointment as a teacher is when she is unable to help certain students.
Like all communities, there are people who learn differently. Fu tackles this challenge with her same enthusiastic approach to math. What makes this problem solving even more interesting and enjoyable is the diversity of CCHS students who seem to come together in a melting pot. “The school is doing so well,” she said.
The cultural environment of CCHS was certainly an influencing factor when Fu was looking for employment. As the younger of two daughters, she wanted her workplace to be close to her sister. She also wanted to work with high school students who are planning and striving for their future.
When asked if she had a favorite student Fu said, “I don’t have a favorite, but I like the ones that try.”