Ballona Creek Renaissance Club Tote Bag Fundraiser for Environmental Action!


Diana Miguel, Staff Writer

Our school’s Ballona Creek Renaissance Club started fundraising for a nationwide environmental competition by the Gardens of Green foundation. The club is tasked with initiating an environmental solution to an issue that contributes to climate change in their community, involving a possible cash prize. The project they have come up with centers around making restaurants and markets more environmentally friendly by implementing more sustainable practices, through a certification by the Surfrider Foundation that will help these businesses take those necessary steps.


“We want to help businesses become more environmentally friendly by shifting to LED lights or getting their plumbing fixed”, stated the Vice President of BCR, Abigail Cregor, about ways they plan to help local businesses.


Unique designs have been printed onto tote bags they are selling in order to help pay the funds needed to certify local business, so they can gain at least the basic needed certification from the foundation. Local artists who are current and former alumni of CCHS have created the print designs for the tote bags, while members of BCR were able to print a supply of bags socially distanced at a park. The designs are creative, like flowers potted in a crayon box and a fairy in tall flowers, which have been distributed among the bags as a way to bring a more custom flare to this fundraising project. 


“Currently there is a demand for tote bags which would make it easier to market this product opposed to other products that would have to deal with other factors [ex: sizes]”, stated Cregor about why they specifically chose tote bags as a fundraiser.


The tote bags are for sale, with Venmo or cash as payment methods, at: 1 for $12, 2 for $20, 3 for $30, and 4 for $40. BCR is hoping to certify about 3 businesses or more, if they are able to, with interest in the certification from local businesses such as Co-Opportunity Market. There is up to a week long wait for socially distanced delivery, and it will be a quick drop off both ways if people choose to pay with cash. Anyone can contribute to their cause and help them certify local businesses in the Culver City/LA area to implement these eco-friendly changes. You can order with this google form: BCR Totes🌎🌼 (, as well as follow their Instagram for updates, @bcrclubV.