CCHS Students Get Vaccinated!


Megan Goss, Staff Writer

As vaccines become more available, many students have been able to get their doses. As of now, the only vaccine available for those age 12+ is Pfizer. Delivered in two doses, this vaccine has been given to several students at CCHS.

As students and their families become vaccinated, many feel more comfortable getting more involved in their school and community. Personally, after being vaccinated I felt at ease photographing school sports events and being in small groups of people, things that I hadn’t felt safe to do in the past year. Many of my friends and I have even bought season passes to theme parks, happy to know we won’t be jeopardizing our health or others. 

Being vaccinated brings back the fun of being around friends again, but it also allows students to be with family. Emily Brownlow, a 17-year-old at CCHS, says that she is grateful for the chance to hug her grandparents again and feels more comfortable doing outdoor activities. Although there are still many precautions in our lives such as continuing to wear masks, staying inside, and being socially distanced, vaccines give us all a much needed sense of normalcy as we continue the transition back to life before COVID.