Homecoming Is Back!


Photo Credit: CCHS ASB

Bianca Egan, Staff Writer

It has been officially two years since CCHS held its last homecoming, and the school is getting ready to celebrate students’ return to campus once again. This year, the theme of the dance is “Enchanted Odyssey.”

 “I think it’d be good to explain what the theme is, because I know a lot of students are interpreting the theme name differently”, according to ASB Head of Decorations, Chaney Szeto. She described the theme of “Enchanted Odyssey” as part enchanted forest and part space adventure. This means plenty of green, a bioluminescence theme, and colorful lights. 

ASB is sure to also incorporate themes of nature, as well as plenty of decorations to fit the “enchanted” portion of the dance. Mushrooms, fairies, moss, and waterfalls are just a few descriptions that should give students some idea of how the end product will look. 

For people who want to match this year’s theme, there are plenty of subtle and extravagant ways for you to do this. Wearing a forest green outfit or featuring flowers anywhere are a simple choice, but showing up in head to toe bioluminescent colors are also a welcome alternative. Please take inspiration from the descriptions given, but add your own twist onto what you imagine an enchanted odyssey to be. 

Homecoming will be on Saturday, Oct. 2 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Tickets are being sold in Room 16 for $15-$25 depending on when you buy it and if you have an ASB sticker. Get them fast because they are capping the event at 550 students!