CCHS Music Production Club: Unafraid to Make Itself Heard


Students producers at weekly Music Production Club meetings.

Ally Matheson, President

One of the coolest up and coming clubs at Culver High is the Music Production Club. Created last school year by senior Jasani Pitts, the club is a place where students produce music and build their knowledge in the music industry. 

When asked about his goal in starting the club, Pitts said, “I want to teach people how to be a producer because I have so much knowledge on the different genres of music and expertise in certain things that I feel like I want to bring other people up with me.”

You can feel this atmosphere of support and cooperation from the moment you walk into the room. Student producers are unafraid to share their work and get feedback because they know that the club is a safe space.

Even despite starting the club during the pandemic, Pitts found little difficulty in the process. “It was pretty easy because music production is mostly done at home anyway, so doing it remotely was not that hard to do,” Pitts said. 

Many students in the club are also in the Music Technology CTE Pathway. Taught by Mr. Jack Aron, the class gives students the opportunity to compose music and learn about music technology, production, and industry. 

Asked about the future of the club, Pitts said, “I want to see if I can get some collaborations with actual industry musicians and I’m also looking to find somebody to replace me after I’m gone.”

The Music Production Club has created an amazing space where students can feel free to dive into their love of music and put themselves out there. Although the club is only in its second year, it seems like the club will be supporting students for years to come.