Girls on Film: An Open Discussion


Michelle Zhou, Copy Editor

Feminism is a force that demands respect. This idea composes the core of one of CCHS’ newly established clubs this school year: Girls on Film. The club has weekly discussions about gender roles and stereotypes within any type of media, such as movies, music videos, songs, and poetry. By analyzing gender roles and stereotypes, the club provides a platform for students to voice their opinions about such pressing issues that have enrooted themselves within all walks of life. Because of the club’s desire to increase discussion around gender roles, there was no better solution than to analyze films. After all, art imitates life.

The club was created by senior Melody Caudill, the president, and seniors Jane Poluianova and Devyn Hackett, the vice presidents. Caudill came up with the idea for the club after a summer full of watching films with her friends and quickly realizing that the majority of their discussions were about the gender roles they saw within those films. As a result, the club quickly came to fruition. 

“I really wanted to create a community of like-minded people on campus that could come together and have safe and meaningful conversations about women and film,” she said. “Because many of the spaces on campus that involve film are heavily male-dominated, much like the industry in the adult world.” 

Many of the societal issues discussed, such as sexual harassment and the male gaze, are also topics that some members may relate to. So, the club’s heart around communication was intentional, in hope of providing a welcoming platform for students to speak their minds and “realize that they’re not alone.” 

The films are chosen each week by recommendation from club members, with trigger warnings disclaimed whenever fitting to the film. Discussion questions are then posed the next week, with each topic provoking introspection and a lesson learned to the bone. 

All in all, the club helps students open modern discussions about age-old stereotypes and gender roles, ultimately taking a step towards breaking out of today’s societal standards, one conversation at a time.