Katie Carrera and Delina Melaku Win First Citizenship Award of the School Year


Katie Collazos, Digital Content Manager

ASB President and Vice President, Katie Carrera and Delian Melaku received the CCSUD district-wide citizenship award for students in October. This was a memorable award as Carrera and Melaku were the first recipients for this school year. The award was presented virtually at a district school board meeting and each recipient had a paragraph read about them during the ceremony.


Carrera believes it’s “exciting for people to also know about the award” in order to boost the enthusiasm around it. The award being announced to the school over the announcements not only makes many more students aware of the award, but also encourages them to implement citizenship in their attitude in order to be the next recipient. 


When asked what Citizenship means to them, Carrera and Melaku had their clear answer on the importance of this trait. “Citizenship is thinking about others more than yourself.” Carrera said. It’s “giving back to the community in a way you are proud of, it’s something you are excited to do rather than what you feel you have to do.” Similarly, Melaku believes, “citizenship is vigorously fighting for the people that elected you as an elected official. 


As ASB president and vice president, citizenship plays a huge role in their jobs. In light of the connection to their award and roles in ASB, Carrera said, “A lot of what I do in my job is for the school and we are constantly thinking about what’s next to better our school and better the students’ experience at CCHS.”


It is important for student leaders at CCHS to be recognized for their efforts, but also the characteristics that make them great leaders such as citizenship. Administration and students must boost the enthusiasm around this award to motivate students to work towards this honor.