Spies vs. Spiders: Winter Improv Shows!


Sofia Pezo, Copy Editor

This Saturday, AVPA’s improv team, “Dot Comedy,” will be holding their winter improv shows. Led by co-captains Davis Barthelman and Ariana Moss, the fifteen members of Dot Comedy will be split into two teams, Spies and Spiders, to “compete” against one another. At the end of each show, the “points” gained by each team will be tallied with a winner announced. 

Each improv show consists of multiple games in which players move a scene along using a suggestion provided by the audience. These suggestions are on the spot and not planned ahead of time, and players immediately go along with what they are given. Players begin each game with a response to the question “Are the players ready?” by affirming loudly, “Yes!”

Those who have attended previous AVPA improv shows and fans of popular televised improv shows, such as “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” will recognize fan-favorite games such as ‘Party Quirks’ and ‘Expert Challenge.’

There will be two shows held this Saturday — one at 5 PM and the other at 7 PM — in Room 108. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5. Students and families are encouraged to attend these hilarious shows and to support the incredibly talented AVPA students!