Voiceover – A Place Where Creativity Grows


Lily Maxson, Staff Writer

Are you a struggling teenage artist looking for a platform to share your art and collaborate with other creators? Then Voiceover may be the club for you! Voiceover is a website made by teenagers, for teenagers. Named for its spirit of helping young “voices” be heard “over” the noise of older generations, Voiceover welcomes teens from the ages of eleven to eighteen. It is best described as a safe community for young artists to create, grow, share and thrive.

“I wanted to give people a spotlight who don’t have the means to share their art. Also, I dreamed of a place where creative people could meet each other,” stated Melody Caudill, founder and president of the club.

Upon browsing the website, https://www.thevoiceoverproject.org/, the unique talent of the creators is apparent. Each issue is filled with a wide variety of music, poetry, photography, visual art, activism, and more.

“It always amazes me to see the amount of different mediums in one spot,” said Anna Martinez, the social media publicist of the club.

Passion and emotions are a central part of the art created. The pieces showcased give the viewer profound and meaningful insight into the minds and hearts of Gen Z today. By contributing to a place that fosters individuality, the creators provide inspiration for teenagers and adults alike.

An important aspect of Voiceover is the sense of community, friendship, and support among creators. Though the art world is seemingly dominated by adult minds, Voiceover provides a safe haven for artists of all kinds.

“I’m involved in the local music scene, but at the time I felt like everyone was so much older than me, so it felt refreshing to feel included in a space of musicians around the same age,” explained Loren Lombardo, editor and creator.

Not only does fellowship stem from club members’ young ages, but also from their interests in varying art forms. Like-minded teens involved in Voiceover work together to make collective statements in their work. No matter if they are making a poem out of a photo, or a song out of that same poem, creators use their combined creativity to let  themselves loose and put together something worthwhile. 

“It’s been really cool to see how different art forms can combine to make something beautiful, and how different people’s passions can overlap,” Caudill said.

In a world where innovation and artistry is often rendered useless in comparison to logic and rationality, many teens feel the weight of the world resting heavily on their shoulders. Voiceover takes that feeling of being trapped and longing for a place to fit in, and provides an opportunity for escape. Musicians not only make songs, but connections. Photographers not only capture pictures, but moments. Poets do not just write stanzas, but make new and lasting friendships. Voiceover is a place of expression, something that only becomes rarer and simultaneously vital, day by day. Everyone has a voice, but what matters most is how we choose to use it.