Culver City Die In


Photo by: Lena Johnson

Students participating in the “Die In”

Justin Pineda

Culver City High School had an organized “Die In” on Friday, December 5th, to protest the recent wake of police brutality around the country.
The purpose was to make others confront a problem bigger than themselves.
At the demonstration, many students had started to lay down at the patio and there was a large crowd surrounding the protesters, many pondering on whether or not to participate. Counselor, Ms Howard, was the first to begin telling people to make the choice, the choice to either lay down or go to class. As more students laid on the floor, the final bell rang and the crowd dispersed.
The “Die In”  was organized by junior, Vanessa Givens, on Wednesday night to protest the recent outburst in police brutality. As new cases of police brutality come up on an almost weekly basis, protests are going on across the nation, eventually coming to our campus. Although many participated in the “Die In” because of the recent Grand Jury decisions regarding Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Givens had a completely personal reason.
During the interview, Givens confessed that when she heard about the decision to not indict the officer that killed Eric Garner, “It really hit home because my uncle was killed by police brutality, and my peers and I are getting fed up with wrongful doing being swept under the rug.”
The demonstration had gotten attention from many students when people were continuously posting details of it through social media outlets, Instagram and Facebook. When asked if she expected it to be successful, she said “I expect it to at least have a moderate success. If we could get at least 20 to 50 people, I would be elated.”
The demonstration ended up being a huge success and will most likely go down in CCHS history as one of the most effective protests ever had on campus.