The Phone Policy

Andrew Olmeda
P.5 12/4/14
The Phone Policy
The phone policy has many different sides to it. Many can agree to it many will not. Students have done petitions and many have failed.
Many advantages can be given to students with cell phones. Cell phones bring educational values for example using different applications to study for test like the SAT. For many people it can enhance the learning environment.
More phones being used on campus can also come with consequences. One could be the increase of phone theft. Severe videos and images can be posted on the internet involving children from CCHS. Another result we would see is many kids engaged on their phones and not focusing on anything throughout the free time they get to use their phones on.
Erick Perez a junior at Culver City High School. He has proposed a bill that if a phone was taken away it will be returned to them next day after school. He thinks that it is unjust and he believes that a phone bill is too expensive to hold for a whole week.
The petition is growing in a fast rate and already has 200 signatures. Many students think the policy is unjust according to freshmen Ian Arguello “why can’t we just listen to music during lunch”.