COVID-19 Vaccine: Culver City

Hana Varsano

The Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine has now been proven effective for people 16 and up in defeating the virus. On December 10th, the FDA approved the COVID-19 vaccine and in recent days the vaccine has been being produced.
Both in Culver City and across the United States, the vaccine could be truly miraculous in defeating COVID-19 and saving the lives of those with the virus. “It’s a really good tool to help slow the spread of Coronavirus and using the vaccine in conjunction with a lot of the other public health practices that have been put in place,” said Dianna Castro, CCUSD nurse.
Physically distancing, wearing a mask and washing hands all play an important role in defeating the virus, both before the vaccine is administered and also when the vaccine is being distributed, especially as it has not widely been allocated yet.
“We’ve only received in L.A about 83,00 of the Pfizer vaccines,” Castro said. The vaccines will first go to those in most need of the vaccine: first healthcare providers, then those with long term health concerns, and then our emergency responders.
When Culver City Unified students go back to school, they will need to stay safe by following health precautions.
“They will need to follow all of the necessary COVID-19 guidelines,” Castro said. In addition, “all of the staff have been given PPE.”
Castro plans on getting the vaccine when she is eligible, when it is sent out to healthcare providers in small settings.
“I really hope to see Culver City get back to the thriving city it was before,” she said. “I think that’s where we’ll be  soon after the vaccine is widely available – that’s my hope.”