2019 College and Career Fair


Alisha Hasan

This year’s annual College Fair took place on Thursday, September 26, 2019 from 6-8 pm. University representatives from over 125 out of state, private, and public institutions worldwide attended. This year, as compared to the previous year, more notable private and out of state institutions⁠— Yale, Harvard, Syracuse University, and Penn State attended. There were also options for public universities in California, of course: UCs and Cal states. Just to name a few, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and of the Cal states, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Sacramento, CSU Northridge, and more attended. 
People from the army, navy, marines, and law enforcement came too. There was a wide array of colleges⁠— colleges for liberal arts, business, architecture, food, cosmetology,  and even colleges for those who choose to take a gap year.
Tired of California? Go to Switzerland! From the Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland, you can look across the lake and see France. And when on vacation, you can stay at luxury hotels that resemble Swiss palaces. Perhaps you’ll even get a chance to see Prince William and Kate Middleton, who donate cookbooks and work with kids there! 
Or maybe you’re searching for a college according to pricing… at Grambling State University, Louisiana, apartments are around only $500 monthly and the minimum GPA for admission is only a 3.0.
But the College Fair wasn’t exactly a complete success – the bathroom lights at the fair backfired this year! I ended up having to use the bathroom in the dark. And the University of Missouri representative had to also. With all the great opportunities offered, though, I don’t think people minded too much.