Dancers take the Stage with "Art in Motion"


Ryanne Biernat

Last month, dancers took the stage to show their skills, diligence and the art of dance. 
From November 21st to November 23rd, AVPA Dance put on a brilliant show called “Art in Motion.” With 13 beautifully choreographed dances, the dance company, along with AVPA Art, was able to accomplish their goal of telling a story with dance and art. AVPA Art painted during each dance as a way of providing two different viewpoints during the performance. 
However, this show doesn’t happen with just a snap of the fingers. It takes hard work. One of the brilliant talented dancers said they “practice three days a week when a show comes up” (about 10 hours). Another obstacle was trying to choreograph, as many of these dances are student choreographed. It takes a lot of patience and focus to work with all these dancers.
But in the end, the dancers are able to connect to one another. Some feel as if the practices help the dancers to feel more connected. “We are able to crack jokes and still be able to focus and share of our ideas and creativity,” one dancer says. 
This company put on a brilliant show for all ages to see. The dancers feel very happy with the outcome of the Art in Motion performances. Even though the show is over, the dancers will keep practicing and going to their classes to improve their skills for the shows to come.