Centaurs Sign Baseball Scholarships


Matthew Cowan, Staff Writer

Two of Culver City High’s Juniors –Alonso Reyes and Justin Roulston– signed a commitment to play division one baseball for Long Beach State University at the Culver City baseball field. The signing event featured the two players, the athletic director, guidance counselors, and the rest of the baseball team in attendance. Additionally, Reyes’ family was in the audience and Roulston’s dad was there as well. Both players have been ranked all league for the past three years they’ve played.

The event started with Tom Salter, the athletic director, introducing the head of the baseball program, Coach Prieto, noting Prieto’s 28 years of experience in the Culver City Baseball Program. Coach Prieto spoke of the two players, and commented how their foundation as good people and as examples of the five pillars of character are part of the reason they got their scholarship. He went on to say that their “accountability, responsibility, and their loyalty to this community, school, and more importantly this baseball program has been second to none”. He concluded by saying that the school and administration were very proud of both of them and their accomplishments.

After Coach Prieto spoke, each player got a chance to speak. Alonso, a right-handed pitcher, briefly thanked his family and friends for supporting him, and then seemed to be done talking. But, after a pause, grinning, he thanked his teachers for supporting him as well, especially for letting him miss class when he needed to for sports. Next, Justin, primarily an outfielder, spoke. He specifically thanked his dad for driving him back from practice and always supporting him and pushing him. He also thanked all of his coaches for trusting him on and off the field, and gave special thanks to guidance counselors Mr. Gyepes and Ms. Bourget for helping him throughout high school. 

Once both players were done speaking, a crowd of their families and coaches gathered around the tables where they were sitting, and they both signed and officially committed to Long Beach State University.