Your Choice


Ian Arguello, Staff Writer

It was the first day of school and like any other freshman, I was scared of getting lost in our new school. During lunch I couldn’t find my friends so I just walked the hallways. In first hall, I saw a board of requirements for high school graduation and UC or CSU requirements. Everything seemed okay until I saw that Visual and Performing Arts was a requirement. Students have to fulfill that one year requirement just to graduate.
Some people, like me, cannot draw perfectly or stand on stage for a minute without fainting or take the perfect picture. Would you like a choice whether to take another year of Foreign Language  or do Visual and Perming Arts? Other high schools like Fairfax,  Santa Monica and Mira Costa let students decide whether to take Foreign Language or take Visual and Performing Arts. Why can’t it be like that in our school? Is it the law to take Visual and Performing Arts?
Some people say that Visual and Performing Arts teaches students something. Most of my friends agree with me. It isn’t something important that you have to learn. The only classes that are important to me are English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, and whatever your elective is.   What is the point of drawing a horizon and never using it ever again? We are only taking the class because it’s a requirement to graduate! I bet hundreds of the students before me that graduated from CCHS have nothing to do with that Visual and Performing Arts class today. We should really have a choice.  I don’t want to take Visual and Performing Arts even though there are many choices to choose from. I am not saying to not take Visual and Performing Arts but for those that think that it shouldn’t be requirement, it’s your choice to choose whether to take that class or take another year of Modern Language.