YRGP Spreads Positivity


Merrick Padilla, Reporter

Chaz (Chaz Eugene), Xavier (Zay Noir), Cole (Ghettoblasterman), and Kyle (Da’Costa) are all seniors at Culver City High School getting a jump start in their saunter by creating positive messages through lyric. The group YRGP, Your Grandparents, create lyrics off their personal experiences and thoughts.  The lyrics are mainly focused on social injustices and creating positive solutions to the problems created in the songs.
YRGP formed in their junior year releasing their first single in October. Since then the group says, “There is only room to grow.” Just starting out, the group would record in Chaz’s bedroom using only a home set up. After progressing and being introduced to more people, they meet the other member to their group, Cole. Cole also creates tracks for the group. When asked about their music, Chaz said, “We try to input live instruments to make it more unique.” Soon, they started to record with Cole’s equipment which was much more professional.
The group says that they have all definitely bonded over creating music and are all equally dedicated to succeed. YRGP is now part of a producing studio in Hollywood and have had live performances in the past. The group explains how most, almost all, of their inspiration comes from Lauren Hill and Odd Future. Through their lyric, they wish to spread positivity and create a more optimist look on darker problems. Their music is “chill” and unique, definitely something to get up to and to listen to when you’re alone. YRGP describes how their music may have a flat surface to the ears of the listener but truly there is a deeper meaning to the song that the group is trying to get across. Xavier says, “Sometimes it takes a bigger brain to pick up our lyric.”
When asked about what information the group would give to young, growing musicians, their advice is to stay true to yourself, remain confident, and keep you ‘swag’ and dedication. YRGP is a extremely talented group who are in for a treat as they grow older. You can find You’re Grandparents on Soundcloud and their Youtube channel YRGP TV.unknown