She Sees Math Everywhere

Jaden Kimura

When you walk into Room 78, Deborah Hudson’s room, you may be overwhelmed by all the mathematical equations and random fun facts on the wall. She is average height with glasses and brown hair. Hudson teaches Algebra II and Trigonometry/math analysis. She is also one of the six new math teachers that were hired this year.
Hudson discovered her passion for teaching when she “practiced teaching and liked it.” She started teaching right after college. Hudson was also interested in computer programming and economics. In fact, she majored in math economics and considered being an economist at one point.
After Hudson became a teacher, she lived in China for a long time after becoming a teacher. Because of where she lived, she knows how to speak Cantonese. She also knows how to speak a little bit of Mandarin, Spanish, and of course English.
Hudson’s favorite thing about teaching math is because math is visual. She also likes how you can see patterns in math. Finally, she says that no matter where you are, you see math everywhere.
When she has free time on her hands, she enjoys reading books, biking on the bike path by the beach, hanging out with her family, and hiking in the mountains.
When asked what her favorite thing about CCHS is, she responded that she really likes the students. She also enjoys talking with the other math teachers on campus. She says her students are “really great students who are sweet and fun.”