Summer School: Not Just For Remediation


Photo By: Katie Sullivan

Five hours a day in summer school can be tiring.

Katie Sullivan

Summer school is being offered as usual for remediation, but this year there are some classes that can be used for advancement. Theater Arts is being offered for any students who want to take care of some elective credits. Initially this class was only available to students who will be incoming Chirons, AVID or academic mentors; however, it is now open to all students.
This year for the first time CCHS summer session is offering a Global Issues and Health class for incoming freshman to get ahead on their credits. Preference is given to AVID students.
The other classes summer school will be offering are Math: Algebra 1A (All 6 weeks to count for Semester 1 of Algebra 1); Algebra 1B (All 6 weeks to count for Semester 2 of Algebra 1); Geometry; Algebra 2. English: 9, 10; Intercultural Literature (offered to students who failed English 10 or English 11); ELD CAHSEE Prep/Study Skills (offered fall semester only with CELDT test administered at the end of the course). Social Studies: World History, U.S. History, Global Issues (Fall Semester) Science: Biology, Health (Spring Semester). Theatre Arts (All 6 weeks).
Session one runs June 16 – July 2 and session two runs July 6 – 23. The hours of summer school are 8:10 a.m. to 1:35 p.m. with a 20-minute break for lunch. Each 3-week session covers one semester. Students are not allowed to miss more than one and a half days per 3-week session. Once a student exceeds the absence limit, he or she is dropped from the session. There are no excused absences or tardies in summer school.
According to summer school principal Kelli Tarvyd, summer school isn’t paid for by the state and therefore it is not mandatory for students to attend. For this reason, students can more easily be dismissed for behavior problems. “It’s the students’ choice to be there; we expect best behavior mentally and physically,” Tarvyd said. According to the summer school handbook, “Should a discipline problem occur, students will be dropped from Summer School.”
During the last week of May, students will get their confirmation letters in the mail with the rules and procedures of summer school and their schedule, according to Tarvyd.
Spending five hours on the same subject can make the days long and boring, and teachers understand this. English teacher Penny Schulte, who has taught summer school in the past, said, “Teachers try to break up the day with different ways of teaching.” Schulte will teach English 9 both sessions this summer. “I personally use the Learning Odyssey, which is a computer program, because it’s another way for students to get the information in another format instead of listening to a lecture for five hours.”
Questions regarding summer school can be directed to Tarvyd’s office.