Meet Mr. Lockett


Camila Rivera, Reporter

Graham Lockett, Culver City’s newest chemistry teacher, has always had the mindset of teaching. “I’ve always involved myself in being a mentor in my life since I was sixteen,” he said. “Being a teacher was just the next step in the process.”
Lockett is your average height guy with a casual style that suits our typical west coast weather. Before he settled in at Culver City, he taught chemistry in schools all over Los Angeles like South Central, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. He likes to prove people wrong in thinking that chemistry is boring, when in fact, he claims, that it can actually be very relatable to real life. “I love doing the experiments; I love the fire that we use, I love the acid that we use,” he said.
Outside of school, Lockett enjoys doing many things. Since he moved to Los Angeles five years ago, he’s been to about 200 concerts. He also leads a very active life by working out frequently in various gyms; he claims that he’s involved in five or six gyms. When Lockett isn’t at Taylor Swift concerts or working out at the gym, he loves to travel. Over the years he’s traveled both internationally and domestically.
So far at Culver City, Lockett enjoys the small class sizes. At other schools he would typically have classes with more than thirty-five students and now some of his classes have less than thirty students. He’s also noticed the eagerness students have to learn. “I think students here seem very on-board to learn new things which is something I haven’t experienced at other schools, so I’m very lucky for that”.