Aquatics Program Looks Forward to Swim Season

CCHS swimmers look forward to practicing and competing this season


Ally Matheson, Vice President

With LA County restrictions easing, many of our school’s athletic teams have been able to practice again, including the Aquatics program. Although aquatics was able to practice for much of the first semester, when Covid cases spiked during the holiday season, practices were cancelled. A few weeks ago the team was finally able to hold practices at the Plunge again, but this year has been difficult for all the teams. Many athletes have had very little chance to practice and the pandemic has made it challenging for coaches to stay connected with their athletes.

Head coach, Nestor Dordoni, explains that, “not being able to see my players has been the most difficult part this year. I feel disconnected with the kids… I want to interact with my players and show them how much I care about them. Not knowing if they get that sense of caring nature from distance learning has been one of the most difficult experiences I have ever faced”.

Distance learning and the pandemic have really put a strain on the school and athletics. Many students in aquatics look forward to and train for water polo season, but the season was cancelled due to the pandemic. The socialization, competition, and excitement that the athletes usually get to experience every year was taken away from them.

Samantha Carlson, a junior, explains how, “it’s hard not being able to interact and learn from teams we go against. I miss going to games with my friends and being able to have fun and goof off. In such a physical sport. It’s difficult being away from each other, but we have been able to work with what we got”.

Gavin Klipfel, a junior, clarifies how, “I really miss the team aspect that was so essential to the aquatics program. However, I’m also thankful that the faculty is taking everyone’s health seriously. It’s a bittersweet reality”.

With COVID-19 rates and restrictions easing, there is finally some hope that athletes in aquatics might feel some sense of normalcy. Although it has been difficult with constantly changing county guidelines and working with the city pool, students are finally able to be swimming multiple times a week and things are slowly improving from there. Starting at the beginning of March Aquatics will be getting more pool time, so athletes can practice even more often. It also looks like swim season will also be allowed to happen starting in March, so more swimmers and pool time will be especially beneficial.

According to the swim coach, Peter Egan, “ it appears we will be able to have a swim season, the new challenge is how to put on meets safely…Also, we are in a new league this year (The Bay League) and our group of swim coaches is very committed to making this swim season a positive experience for all our student/athletes…I don’t want to jinx myself, but my biggest hope is that we are able to conduct our league championship meet at the end of the season so everyone can have a chance to swim their personal best times”.

This year has been very challenging for everyone at Culver High, and everywhere. The immediate change in our everyday lives and the uncertainty of the future has made being a student and a coach very stressful. But it has also made many students and athletes realize just how important the people they used to see everyday are to them.