Culver City’s Attackman Takes on College Lacrosse

Justin Beighey commits to playing DII lacrosse at Coker University.


Juliette Healy, Staff Writer

After years of early mornings, arduous training and plenty of perseverance, Culver City High’s attackman, Justin Beighey, committed to Coker University on November 29, 2020 to further continue his lacrosse career.  

Coker University is a Division II private university located in Hartsville, South Carolina. Most popularly known for being ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the “Best Colleges” in the South, Coker offers a “well-rounded liberal arts education founded on hands-on experience.” While attending Coker University,  Justin Beighey plans on pursuing a degree in coaching so that he can make an impact on a community, while still participating in the game he loves.

Justin started playing lacrosse at a very early age, and the amount of time he’s dedicated towards his craft has proved rewarding over his career. For the entirety of his lacrosse career at Culver City High School, Justin Beighey has played at the varsity level, and has led his team as a captain during his last two years of high school.     

As he approaches the end of his high school career, Justin states that his favorite part of lacrosse would be the uniqueness of the game and the team atmosphere that comes with playing alongside the teammates he’s endured hardships with.  He expresses how grateful he is for the coaches he has had over the years – Andy Campos, Devin Maxwell, Eliud Evans, Robert Beighey, Reggie Brunson, Casey Chabola, and Coach Eskridge – who have helped shape him into the hardworking player he is today.  

As Justin plays through his final season, he hopes to win the first CIF championship in Culver City lacrosse history alongside the teammates he’s played with since middle school.