CCUSD Green New Deal: Fostering Sustainability on a Local Level


Lily Maxson, Social Media Editor & Publicist

The CCUSD Green New Deal is a student-run action plan that aims to foster a more sustainable school district and reduce waste in Culver City. This plan directly responds to the climate crisis our youth is faced with, as overconsumption and the wasting of natural resources continues to worsen our environmental footprint. A statement issued by the coalition of students responsible for the proposal says, “The CCUSD campuses are directly contributing to this abuse; overpolluting, while destroying the natural mitigation systems. The crisis is threatening and the need to dramatically reduce our impact is recognized by all CCUSD students, many of whom suffer from climate anxiety and stress.”

Intending to raise awareness about these issues, the CCUSD Green New Deal focuses on nine categories: education, energy, green spaces, waste, water, construction, transportation, community, and green purchasing. This means that students are advocating for new policies, such as the mandatory sustainability curriculum, which includes making the Free-Fare transportation program permanent, sustainably sourcing materials, and implementing a Meatless Monday campaign. 

Two ambitious goals that sponsors of the deal hope to achieve in the future for the district are to reduce energy to net zero and reach zero waste by 2030. 

“We want underclassmen and future students to be proud of their school district,” said senior Abby Cregor, ASB student and leader of the proposal. Many of the students, including Cregor, have witnessed poor sustainability practices in the learning environment first-hand and are passionate about making a change.

It is important to note that the CCUSD Green New Deal is based on a community building mindset. Senior Delina Melaku, president of environmental club Sunrise CCHS, said, “When faced with these issues, we want to start small with the enforcement of sustainable practices on a local level.”

The proposal will be presented to the superintendent on Monday, November 22nd. Students that are interested in supporting the cause can find more information on the official Instagram, @ccusd.gnd. There is also a petition available for signing!

The CCUSD Green New Deal makes it clear that students are passionate about the climate crisis and that positive change is needed within our community. By using their voices to advocate for the environment, students are sure to make a lasting difference for the planet on a local level and beyond.