The Homeland


Gabriel Mosko-Freund, Contributing Writer

Once a man granted good fortune to men

His brothers and sisters all freed

But this little man flew too close to the sun

And had the world trapped on a lead


While he fell down first, his breath drawing fast

As he did as his spirit had flown

The world stood in air, the lead at its neck

As the sun ate away at its throne


And the people of the land had to pay all the fees

While forests burned and deserts went pink

Youngins were birthed as the sea ate the earth

And the rooftops fell down to the brink


But one day, two sons, offsprings of the first

Built a boat and set sail to the waves

Though one had passengers and in careful bursts

The other had his lover and spade


Regardless enough the journey was rough

Both ships were whipped, whacked and waned

And in the sun in the scene, he loosened his lead

Provoking grace, easing the pain


And one ship did crumble, the other would stumble

But catch itself, for it had won

And all the remained of the ship that had stayed

Were the bits of the lead and the sun