How to Exercise Safely During Quarantine

How to Exercise Safely During Quarantine

Jonathan Kim, Staff Writer

It’s safe to say that exercising during COVID-19 has been difficult. Not only are many gyms and fitness centers across the country still closed or restricted in capacity and availability, but it has also been challenging to actually exercise safely and consistently do so. Staying at home in isolation has made many feel too stressed and unmotivated to begin a new exercise program and follow it routinely.

However, exercise is not only important for one’s physical health, but also for mental health as well. Especially during a pandemic, maintaining one’s overall health is vital. 

Although there are many challenges in exercising, there are still many approaches one can take to maintain their physical fitness and keep up with their overall health. Even while being in quarantine, many have still been able to get one’s daily walk or run in their neighborhood safely by wearing a mask and social distancing. While this may not be a viable option to those in the high-risk groups for contracting the virus or who live in an area that is very crowded, buying or utilizing existing exercise equipment can be another great option to safely stay fit. 

Exercise equipment sales have soared during this pandemic, as many look for safe and easier ways to exercise. In general, it is safer to exercise using equipment at home as one does not have to physically leave their home and potentially interact with others while exercising. Using a treadmill regularly at home, I have found that having indoor fitness equipment is extremely helpful as I can run comfortably and safely anytime throughout the day, regardless of whether it is during the night or if there is bad weather or poor air quality. Another benefit of indoor equipment is that it allows everyone in a household to have an easier opportunity to exercise, and people can also have an unlimited amount of time to use the equipment, unlike many gyms which place time limits on certain exercise machines. 

Watching and following along with home workout videos or tutorials on the internet, or creating one’s own workout routine are the next best option to those looking for ways to exercise safely without spending any money towards exercise equipment. Home workouts consist of completing multiple sets of many of the common workouts that don’t require machines, such as push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, and many other familiar ones. One can get creative with their own workout routine and change it accordingly to make it more effective towards improving their physical health. 

Whether it is actually going outside, utilizing indoor fitness equipment, or completing home workouts, finding a consistent and safe method to stay fit has especially been the toughest part of exercising during quarantine. Although finding an exercise routine is difficult, even the smallest of workouts are beneficial to maintaining both physical and mental health during this stressful time in a pandemic. As long as one can safely exercise during quarantine, they are doing much service to themselves to improve their overall health and stay healthy.